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Our Services:

We Offer a Range Electrical of Services




Ayer Electric, Inc. has extensive experience and provides services in the following areas:

•Operation and Maintenance work

•Medium Voltage splicing and terminations

•Fiber optic installation and terminations

•Low Voltage installation and terminations

•Security and Fire Alarm component installation

•ATC and Building Automation installation

•PLC Design and installation

•Commercial / Industrial / Health Care Facilities – all facets of electrical work

•Emergency Generator installation

•Renewable Energies:

•Solar Design, Grid tie-in, and complete self-performing installations  

•Wind generation - Installed first wind farm in NH. 25MW

•Hydro-electric facilities maintenance

We have a full array of in house tools and equipment including but not limited to:

•Mini excavator with thumb and 150 lb. hydraulic jack-hammer

•45 foot Non-insulated Bucket Truck

•One-ton Dump Truck

•26 foot platform scissor lift, and (2) 19 foot scissor lifts

•20 foot utility trailer, and (2) enclosed job trailers

•Power Analyzer, Ground Resistance meter, Megger ohm meters, numerous hydraulic conduit benders and conduit threaders from ½” to 6”

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